Made in China: The Story of Adopted Chinese Children in Canada
Release date: 2000 
Running time: 47 minutes
Directed by: Karin Lee 
Produced by: Shan Tam 
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Copyright: Holiday Pictures Ltd.  

At a time when adoption of Asian foundlings by North Americans is both more prevalent and more controversial, Made in China looks at a handful of the 8,000 babies adopted from China by families across Canada since 1989. 

Made in China gives voice to young children who have been abandoned in China and internationally adopted by middle class Canadian families. The children, predominantly girls, discarded due to China‚Äôs One Child Policy, are between the ages of 5-13, and are frank and insightful as they speak about their inner conflicts such as their desire to be white like their parents and friends, yet they yearn to find their birth parents in China. These remarkable children deal with issues of race, biological identity, and hybridity at an early age. They poignantly recount the joys and pains of living in a visibly adoptive family. 

Made in China is a moving portrait of several remarkable children and their adoptive families whose stories are powerful, sad, humorous and inspirational.